We are a different type of sales organization because of the clients with whom we work. When you work with us you get a partner, a tutor, a leader, a guru and a sales network. If you are a new company we can get you to the next level. If you are a heritage organization we can infuse new ideas into your line. If your company has never sold into other markets , we are your guide.  

After many years in the specialty food industry we have learned a whole lot! Now, we are excited to share our experience and knowledge with you. The specialty foods segment of the food industry is growing at a faster pace than any other. We can help you gain a better understanding of our very dynamic world while growing your profits. Contact us now about our consulting services. Learn from experts who make their living practicing what they teach.

SetteMari Trading offers

  • Finding suppliers/buyers

  • Market research

  • Search for trading opportunities

  • Search for partners and customers worldwide

  • Search for suppliers

  • Consultation on the market and agreements

  • Creating contracts

  • Production of products

  • Transportation

  • Distribution